Quality mechanical repairs in Kalgoorlie

We'll get you back on the road with reliable auto electrical repairs

GWA Automotive is a leading provider of mechanical repairs in Kalgoorlie. Our experienced team of mechanics will reliably fix any engine issues you may be having, ensuring the smooth operation of your vehicle. We are highly experienced with all makes and models, including the latest computer-controlled cars. Keep your car running perfectly by visiting our specialist garage in Kalgoorlie.

Fast turn-around times

Being without your car can be a major hassle. Vital tasks such as picking up the kids from school or doing the shopping become much more difficult when you don't have access to your vehicle.

For some, a car or van is the source of your livelihood, and therefore time off the road means less money in your pocket. GWA Automotive's mechanical repairs are completed quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road as soon as possible. 

All makes and models

GWA Automotive's Kalgoorlie garage is equipped with the latest repair equipment and technology, which means we can perform perfect repairs on even the latest cars. With computer interfaces and diagnostic tools, our team can undertake any required servicing or maintenance task, and do the job just as well as your vehicle's manufacturer.   


Regular servicing of your vehicle will mean it runs more efficiently, uses less fuel, and is less likely to need extensive mechanical repairs. This all adds up to long term savings. Bring your car in on a regular basis and our team will keep it in perfect condition for years to come. 

Mechanic working on mechanical repairs in Kalgoorlie